Music for your projects by Josh Woodward

I’m always looking for great, free music to use in my ministry projects, and I’m looking forward to sharing my resources with you. Generally, you’ll do well to find music with Creative Commons licensesread more about them here. These are licensed specifically for use in projects like videos or podcasts. Make sure you read the terms of the license; they’ll indicate whether you need to attribute the music to the artist/composer.

One such artist who offers his music free of charge is Josh Woodward. From his website, you can stream previews of every song and download individual songs or entire albums in MP3 format. Some of the songs have companion instrumental versions. Here’s what he says about using his music for projects:

Go nuts! You’re welcome to use my music, free of charge for your projects. This includes movies, ads, podcasts, YouTube videos (for partners or otherwise), karaoke, recording techno/polka covers, anything. There’s no problem using them for commercial purposes, and it’s all 100% podsafe. You can use them as is – instrumental or regular, or you can hack them apart to use in your songs or projects. What’s the catch? Just one: you need to provide attribution. Somewhere, visible to anyone who will see your work, mention my name and the song title in the credits, along with a link to my website URL:

You can also buy physical copies or iTunes versions to support Josh’s great work. (I sure dig it.)

Where do you find music for projects?


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