Ministry event’s “spot color” web design

In the new evangelization, there are lots of events: Concerts, conferences, workshops, Theology on Taps, small group gatherings, etc. Most of the websites I’ve seen for these events are, unfortunately, usually described as one of the following:

  • lacking in creativity
  • boring
  • uninspired/uninspiring
  • confusing/non-user-friendly
  • unprofessional
  • messy
  • outdated

Generally, when I am looking for web design inspiration, I skip over Catholic websites and look to Protestant/Evangelical Christian and secular websites. The Gospel Coalition’s Women’s Conference website gave me plenty of inspiration. Note the “spot color” design scheme corresponding to their organization’s logo color. They successfully made green beautiful and surprisingly appropriate for a women’s conference:

Moral of the story: Look to fellow Christians for inspiration and great ideas!


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