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Monthly Archives: May, 2013

How much do I love the Church?

Even today, some say, “Christ yes, the Church no,” like those who say, “I believe in God, but in priests, no.” They say, “Christ: yes. Church: no.” Nevertheless, it is … Continue reading

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Paying Serious Consequences for Ignoring Media ‘Temperature’ [MM Monday]

It’s Memorial Day. You can find my remembrance of a friend in Friday’s post, 7 Slow Gives. I think he would rather I spend today’s post on McLuhan. Each Monday, … Continue reading

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7 Slow Gives. (But I love you, Jen Fulwiler.)

It’s Friday, and I have a multitude of things to share with you, inspired reader. However, since I am from San Antonio and not Austin, I speak and think and … Continue reading

May 24, 2013 · 3 Comments

Take a top-notch, Catholic retreat with new media!

The fine folks at Roman Catholic Spiritual Direction have created a beautiful, flexible source of refreshment for your spirit. Click here if you can’t see the embedded video above. You … Continue reading

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Why Christians are amused. [Marshall McLuhan Monday]

Short. Sweet. Simple. That’s this week’s Marshall McLuhan Monday. When challenged by a British journalist about the deleterious effects of electronic culture, McLuhan responded that he had “no doubt at … Continue reading

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What many CathMedia projects lack: Intercessors

Working full-time in Catholic evangelization has taught me some crucial lessons about ministry in the Church (lay apostolate; not the ordained ministry).¬†One such lesson is this: If you start a … Continue reading

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Are we blind to new media’s effects on man? [MMMM]

Your Monday was McLuhanless, so let’s make Tuesday a day to reflect on one of the core messages of Marshall McLuhan: the medium is the message. So often, people hear … Continue reading

May 14, 2013 · 2 Comments

Astounding, inspiring videos: Children who know their faith

Forget “kids say the darndest things” — these kids say heavenly things! Today, I’m so please to share with you some children who simply amaze me… Three-year-old ‘celebrates’ complete Mass … Continue reading

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What Pope Francis & a naked rockstar have in common

As a person who works in ministry, I’m very familiar with the concept of needing things. Do you know the cycle? Need resources —> Need people to help acquire those … Continue reading

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Our Lady of Good Studies – Marshall McLuhan’s favorite title of BVM

Many of you are students, or know a student — and students are needing prayers about this time of year. (Exams!) While speaking with ‘Rosary Priest’ Father Patrick Peyton, convert … Continue reading

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