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Monthly Archives: April, 2012

Catholic artist’s new graphic novel “Please God, Find Me a Husband!”

After Simone Lia said a prayer in the middle of Leicester Square, she was inspired to write her newest graphic novel, Please God, Find Me A Husband! Simone, the English artist and … Continue reading

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The song that led me to Christ – “Set It Off”

I wasn’t always in love with Christ. Like many other Catholics in the blogosphere, my faith was ignited by something unexpected. One day, as a teenaged girl who got lost … Continue reading

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Brilliant Rosary-praying method for children

My husband and I are still patiently waiting for little blessings to be conceived in our new family. In the meantime, I’m enjoying all the Catholic mom (and dad) bloggers … Continue reading

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Music for your projects by Josh Woodward

I’m always looking for great, free music to use in my ministry projects, and I’m looking forward to sharing my resources with you. Generally, you’ll do well to find music … Continue reading

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Parish site inspiration – St. Mary’s in Fredericksburg, TX

Don’t you love it when you’re browsing parish websites, and one just makes you say, “Wow, that is really nice.”? That happened to me recently when I stumbled upon the … Continue reading

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Franciscan photos – thru eyes of Fr. Stan Fortuna, CFR

It’s no secret that Father Stan Fortuna, CFR, is a talented dude (as he would say). Most people know him for his raps about the Eucharist, the popes, or the … Continue reading

April 26, 2012 · 1 Comment

Striking church architecture

Need some creative boost? Church architecture is a great place to find some inspiration. Here’s a fantastic collection entitled “Corpus Christi” by Fabrice Fouillet, a Parisian photographer. (By the way, … Continue reading

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Ministry event’s “spot color” web design

In the new evangelization, there are lots of events: Concerts, conferences, workshops, Theology on Taps, small group gatherings, etc. Most of the websites I’ve seen for these events are, unfortunately, … Continue reading

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Free priest-generated church graphics

Have you met Fr. Stephen? No? Let me introduce you. According to his website, he’s an MSC (Missionaries of the Sacred Heart) priest, who blogs about his faith and ministry, … Continue reading

April 24, 2012 · 2 Comments

Saint Josemaria Escriva on the courage of women

The Catholic Church hates women? Anyone who knows enough about the Catholic faith will gladly speak otherwise – our faith holds women and femininity in the highest esteem. Here’s one … Continue reading

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